Noah Kahan Press Photo 1.jpgNoah Kahan

It’s no question why Noah Kahan rose to stardom so fast - his talent caught everyone’s attention, but his refreshing attitude and relatable lyrics are what has kept him at the top of the charts.


The 27-year-old Vermont native started his career in 2016 when he was signed to Republic Records. In 2019, his debut record Busyhead was released, with a single from the album placing number 24 on Billboard’s Hot Rock Chart. When the pandemic started, like many others, it had a drastic impact on his career, causing him to move home to Vermont where he started writing a new album in the interim, this time with a more indie-folk approach. Noah took to TikTok to share snippets of what would eventually become his hit song Stick Season, and the videos went viral. He gained millions of loyal followers before the songs were even released, and they have continued to support him over the past four years. 


Attending one of Noah’s live concerts is almost like a therapy session. He’s a quintessential Gen-Z artist, but his lyrics feel approachable for any age group. Diving into themes of mental health, love, and breakups, his songs bring an intimacy that makes the audience feel so seen. Folk centric music has a tendency to bring people together, but Noah takes it to a whole new level with his refreshing relatability and skill for conveying emotion. It’s an honesty that we don’t get from many other artists these days.


Norah Jones Press Photo 2.jpegNorah Jones

Norah Jones, an artist we have all known and loved for years, got her start as a lounge musician playing jazz in New York City. She recorded a series of songs that caught the attention of Blue Note Records, and by 2002, she had released her first album Come Away With Me, an archetypal record since its release. It was featured on Billboard’s charts for a grand total of 164 weeks, and landed at the top in early 2003, nearly a year after the record had been released. Norah has sold over 50 million records worldwide and is a 9-time Grammy Award winner, solidifying her as one of the most important artists of the 2000’s.


Her latest release Visions is her 9th studio album, just over 20 years after her breakthrough record. Visions is a bright and inviting compilation of songs that unites all kinds of influence from her expansive career. Pulling inspiration from a lot of folk and pop elements, she continues to share her jazz background as well, showing her versatility as an artist. As you listen to her record, you’re reminded of why she's been a fan favorite for so long - her cool and brisk voice has a smoothness that feels like melting butter. When Norah steps on stage it’s almost as if the rest of the world fades away, and all you can focus on is the beautiful calm that she exudes.  


Marcus King Press Photo 2.jpgMarcus King

South Carolina born musician has dipped his toes into several genres: blues, rock, jazz, country, gospel, but there’s really no limit to what he’s capable of. What truly defines Marcus as a musician are his incredible vocals - it’s almost as if he embodies an energy and voice far beyond his years. Perhaps that can be attributed to an early start in his career at age 8, giving him two decades of performance experience already under his belt. Marcus is an old soul in a young man's body, and we have the honor of witnessing his artistic development unfold.

This year, Marcus released his highly anticipated album Mood Swings which was produced by music industry legend, Rick Rubin at his Shangri-La Studio in Malibu. This record is a deeply personal exposure to King’s inner-psyche, sharing themes of depression and self-destruction, followed by more uplifting ideas about major turning points in his life. To witness this live is a special gift due to its raw honesty, allowing the audience to experience his story firsthand. Marcus takes every element of his life and breathes them into his creations, leaving a piece of himself on the stage each time he performs.

Sierra Ferrell Press Photo 2.jpgSierra Ferrell

Sierra Ferrell, a Nashville-based bluegrass musician, left home in her twenties to join a group of touring musicians traveling the country. Eventually stopping in Nashville, she was discovered by Rounder Records, who had seen her live performances and signed her right way. In 2021, she released her debut album Long Time Coming which featured a number of other bigtime bluegrass artists like Billy Strings and Sarah Jarosz. The album was produced by Alison Krauss, Gillian Welch, and Stu Hibberd, and reached number 15 on Billboard's Americana/Folk Albums chart, an already impressive start to her career. 


This March, Sierra released her second album Trail of Flowers, a collection of songs that feel straight from the heart. Featuring artists like Lukas Nelson, Chris Scruggs, and Nikki Lane, the record is a thoughtful compilation that bounces back and forth between the gritty, feisty nature of her past, with more whimsical songs. Her vocals have a yearning and fullness to them, creating an almost vintage, lived-in feel, despite it only being her second release.


Sierra brings an enchanting playfulness to her live shows, always wearing her country best. Dressed from head to toe, whether it be a big felt hat, a dramatic dress, or a fur coat, the performative aspect is fully present, only further guaranteeing her rise in popularity. She’s often referenced as sounding better live than in a recording, a feat not many other musicians can claim. 


Kevin Morby Press Photo.jpgKevin Morby

Kevin Morby began his solo career in 2013 and has continuously proven to be a massive success in the years following. This singer songwriter based in California has released 10 albums, with his most recent addition being More Photographs (A Continuum), which revisits his 2022 album, This is a Photograph. In an article for Rolling Stone Kevin shared, “With every collection of songs, I feel I have to cast them out of me before moving onto the next project… Releasing this collection is me tying a bow on that time and place in my creative life.” 


With so many albums under his belt, each piece of work acts as a musical representation of that specific time in his life, giving listeners a diverse look into his creative process, while also providing a soundtrack for any mood. He’s methodical and thoughtful, sharing music that feels right. During his live shows, the richness of the full band compliments his storytelling abilities, allowing Morby’s creativity to shine through. Any setting you can listen to his music is a pleasure, but experiencing it live brings an entirely new element to their sound. 


Nat & Alex Wolff Press Photo.jpgNat and Alex Wolff

Nat and Alex Wolff, formerly The Naked Brothers Band, were born to be creatives. The sibling duo from New York City have been involved in the music and entertainment industry as early as their preschool years but got their biggest start with the hit Nickelodeon show, The Naked Brothers Band.  After 3 seasons and a huge tour, the duo continued to make pop-rock music but with a new name and maturity as just themselves: Nat and Alex Wolff. 


The pair has come a long way since their days on Nickelodeon, both landing roles in notable films like The Fault in Our Stars, Hereditary, and Oppenheimer, all while continuing to pursue their music together. In 2023, the brothers released their latest full-length record, Table For Two, a testament to their high-spirited energy and growth as both people and artists. The bond between siblings is often strong, but when it comes to making music, there’s an energy that can’t be replicated, and that is definitely the case for Nat and Alex. Their voices mesh seamlessly, and there’s a childlike playfulness when you see them live, almost as if you’re witnessing them transport back to their childhood bedroom. 


Despite their boisterous personalities, Table For Two shows a much calmer and contemplative side to their music. Full of emotional ballads, ethereal sounds, and a few elements of nostalgia, Nat and Alex Wolff are proving they are so much more than their childhood TV personalities.