Food Vendor Application

Francis Field Showcase – 9/22 & 9/23

Thank you for your interest in participating as a food truck or food vendor for Sing Out Loud Festival’s Francis Field Showcase in downtown St. Augustine, Florida on Friday, September 22 & Saturday, September 23, 2023.

Please note, applications to particpate as a food vendor for this year's festival have officially CLOSED

Type of Vendor

In order to provide attendees with the best experience and options, Festival organizers are looking for a diverse offering of food options. Festival organizers reserve the right to not accept a vendor menu that directly competes with another vendor.

Food Trucks offer fast festival food that is prepared within their truck. All operations stay within the truck.

Food Vendors prepare and sell food from a 10×10 tent. Operations cannot extend off the sides of the booth.

Beverage Rules

All food trucks and food vendors agree to not sell any beverages from their truck or tent.


  • Valid Health Department Mobile Food Service Permit
  • Fire Inspection Permit
  • Valid Automobile and Fire Liability Insurance
  • Vendors must list the below information under the insurance ‘Certificate Holder Section’

Professional Concessions Incorporated
1340C A1A South
St. Augustine, FL 32080

St. Johns County – A Political Subdivision of the State of Florida
500 San Sebastian View
St. Augustine, FL 32084


A fee of 25% of sales will be required to participate. The Festival concessionaire (Professional Concessions, Inc., or PCI) will provide a point of sales system that must be utilized for transactions.

Additionally, all Food Trucks and Food Vendors will be required to submit a $500.00 deposit. If contract terms are met this deposit will be refundable or can be used towards the percentage owed at the end of the Festival.

Cancellations within seven (7) days of the event will result in a refund of 75%. Any cancellations after the seven (7) days of the event will result in forfeiture of the deposit.

Failure to meet the requirements from this agreement will also result in forfeiture of the deposit.


Food Trucks and Food Vendors are permitted to use quiet generators. Power will be provided by way of generator. Food Trucks and Food Vendors are required to provide all adapters, extension cables, and any other accessories required to make their equipment operational.

Generators will likely be a 20kW or 56kW diesel generator with simultaneous single and 3-phase power output. Generators have spider boxes available with 20amp and 50amp options.

Festival organizers are not responsible for any damage caused by provided power.

Fire Extinguishers:

All food trucks and food vendors are expected to have the appropriate fire extinguishers.

Load-in, Set-up & Load-out

Food trucks and food vendors are required to check-in at the Amphitheatre between 9am – 3pm, 9/18, 9/19, or 9/20 to receive credentials and instructions. Without proper credentials vendors will not be allowed to access festival grounds to set-up.

All required documentation must be emailed or delivered to PCI at the Amphitheatre by 9/11. Food trucks and food vendors may start loading onto the field on Thursday, 9/21, at 8am. You must be ready for a City Fire Marshal inspection by 3pm on Thursday, 9/21. You will not be allowed to remove your food trucks or food vending items until the Festival ends at 11pm on Saturday, 9/23.

Food trucks and food vendors must be present and open for business during ALL festival hours.

  • Friday – 9/22 – 3:30pm to 11pm
  • Saturday – 9/23 – 1:30pm to 11pm

Food trucks and food vendors must be prepared to serve sixty (60) patrons per hour. Festival organizers will update all vendors of ticket sales.

Food trucks and food vendors must be fully loaded-out and off site by 7am, Sunday – 9/24.


Food trucks and food vendors are allowed to sell only menu items that were submitted during EVENT application process and approved during the selection process.

Additional menu items not approved during the selection process need prior written approval from EVENT before they are eligible for sale.

Prices of menu items will be evaluated as part of the selection process. Changes to menu pricing are not allowed without prior written approval by Sing Out Loud.

Photography & Promotion

Food trucks and food vendors agree to allow use of video and photography taken by Festival organizers at the event for promotional purposes.

Any photos taken by the event are the property of the Festival.

Propane Tanks

All vendors with propane tanks are required to bring all necessary equipment to properly secure them.

Safety & Security

Applicants shall sell and serve food at their own risk.

Applicants must obey all pertinent safety codes and laws, including, but not limited to, fire, safety and parking regulations.

Festival reserves the right to shut down any vendors not meeting cleanliness and food storage safety codes and laws.


Food trucks and food vendors will abide by Festival staff requirements regarding location(s).

Festival reserves the right to change a vendor location at any time.

Food trucks and food vendors will provide all required equipment for operations and sales.

Food trucks and food vendors A frame signs cannot extend further than 3 feet from façade of booth.

Food trucks and food vendors are liable for any injury or damage caused by signs.

Any food vendors that fry must be in a food truck only. Food vendors with a tent are NOT permitted to fry.


No grease or gray water disposal is available. Food Trucks and Food Vendors will be responsible for providing their own grease and/or gray water tanks.

Food Trucks and Food Vendors are responsible for removing debris and ensuring the general cleanliness of the area. The Festival staff will show each vendor the proper location for debris removal.

Festival organizers will show each Food Truck and Food Vendor their designated trash cans. Food Truck and Food Vendors agree to utilize only their designated trash cans.


Sing Out Loud will take place rain or shine. Applicants agree to be present despite weather conditions. Each participant is responsible for preparing their displays to withstand weather fluctuations including rain and wind.

Festival organizers will be monitoring weather conditions and will keep all vendors informed of incoming weather.


All vendors are considered independent contractors.

Food trucks and food vendors execute this Agreement as independent contractors and shall at all times have complete supervision, direction, and control over the services to fulfill requirements. Vendors execute this agreement as independent contractors, not as an employee of EVENT. Vendors will assume responsibility for appropriate payment of payroll taxes and charges under applicable federal and local law.

Vendors agree to take complete responsibility for paying the appropriate federal and state taxes as independent contractors. All vendors will be required to sign this agreement upon selection to participate in Sing Out Loud at Francis Field.