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Join the Movement!

Live Wildly works to protect Florida's natural lands, waters, and wildlife through inspiration, education and community engagement.

Giving back to the community is a core value of Sing Out Loud, and this year, Sing Out Loud is proud to partner with the Live Wildly Foundation to raise awareness of the importance of conserving wild Florida - the natural landscapes and wildlife that make Florida so exciting to explore. A portion of proceeds from tickets to the Live Wildly Showcase will support conservation efforts in St. Johns County. 

Founded in 2022, the Live Wildly Foundation is a 501(c)3 organization that applies an entrepreneurial approach to protecting wild Florida while seeking to balance smart growth, a robust economy, and a connected, resilient landscape. Their goal is to connect people to nature through inspiration, education and community engagement. Through creating diverse coalitions, fostering collaboration, and empowering stakeholders to advance conservation efforts, Live Wildly strives to achieve a harmonious and sustainable future in which economic prosperity coexists with a thriving and resilient ecological landscape. 

Do you know about the Florida Wildlife Corridor? It's an 18-million-acre wildlife superhighway stretches from the Panhandle to the Everglades. Consisting of a state-wide network of public and private lands, the Florida Wildlife Corridor encompasses nearly 50% of the Sunshine State and is home to many of Florida's imperiled 131 species, including the Florida Panther. The Florida Wildlife Corridor is just one example of the wild lands, waters and wildlife that Live Wildly is working to protect. 

How can you help protect wild Florida? 

Join the Movement of people who are passionate about protecting wild places. To learn more, visit Join The Movement here! For every person who joins the movement, Live Wildly will pledge $1 to land conservation in Florida.