Eric Church Press Photo_Credit Robby Klein_High Res.jpgEric Church

Eric Church, born and raised in North Carolina, got his start in the music industry at just 13, but it wasn’t until after he graduated from college that he truly pursued his passion and moved to Nashville. Within a year, Eric was signed by Capitol Records Nashville. His debut single, How ‘Bout You, released in 2006 and reached the country Top 20 before the full album came out later that year. Since then, he’s released 10 more full length albums and a number of singles, as well as becoming a 7-time ACM Award Winner, 4-time CMA Awards winner, and a 10-time Grammy nominee. His most recent release in 2021 was a 3-part series called Heart & Soul, and in April of this year he opened his very own venue in Nashville called Chiefs.


Passion really is the word that comes to mind when thinking about Church. The energy that he brings to the stage is next to none and is part of what separates him from other country artists in his realm. His sheer joy is infectious, while his raw lyricism helps to create an elevated atmosphere in a world of predictable country tunes. 


Ryan Bingham Press Photo.jpgRyan Bingham with The Texas Gentlemen

Ryan Bingham is a country artist born in New Mexico and raised in rural Texas, where he grew up in the oil fields and as a rodeo cowboy. Coming from a background that immersed him in a multitude of music, Ryan developed a passion for the guitar.  He rose to the spotlight quickly with the release of his first record, Mescalito, in 2007 under Lost Highway Records, which was very well received with major publications like Rolling Stone, who picked up on his talent right away. Soon after, Ryan won an Oscar in 2009 for co-writing the song The Weary Kind for the award-winning movie, “Crazy Heart”.  He’s released a total of 7 full-length albums, all with extremely high ratings and praise.


Watch Out for the Wolf is Ryan’s recent release, which features his most stripped-down work to date. This is the first project produced and mixed entirely by himself, and is rooted in his classic neo-western style, never deviating from the gritty vocals and tasteful lyricism he's known for. There's an authenticity to his words that has the power to attract listeners from all walks of life wanting to hear his story.


Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway Press Photo.jpgMolly Tuttle & Golden Highway

Molly Tuttle is a California raised bluegrass artist with an undoubted gift for vocals, acoustic guitar, and the banjo. Molly was introduced to the industry playing in her father’s bluegrass band, in 2017 she launched her solo career, and in just a few years has emerged as one of the most dominant bluegrass musicians of the time. Joined by her band Golden Highway, the group has released 2 full length bluegrass records, both of which having won a Grammy for Bluegrass Album of the year, an almost unheard-of start.  


Molly Tuttle & Golden Highway are among the musicians revitalizing the bluegrass scene with an incredible skill for storytelling, but a unique freshness to their playing. Molly’s charm and sprightly demeanor pairs perfectly with her seemingly effortless ability to play the guitar - the perfect union for a live show. The band shares bright tones, all shining through at different points in the set. Part of this new wave of bluegrass is making the genre more approachable to anyone, and Golden Highway does exactly that. There’s a warmth and presence to their shows that's undeniable, leaving the audience feeling a sense of connection they won’t get from other shows.


Credit_ James Ridling.jpgThe Breeders

The Breeders formed in 1989 by Kim Deal and Tanya Donnelly as a side project from their main bands, The Pixies and Throwing Muses. Eventually the pair added bassist Josephine Wiggs, drummer Jim Macpherson, and replaced Donnelly with Deal’s sister Kelly who took over the role of guitarist.  This female fronted pop-rock group from Ohio held a major influence over the 90’s, specifically because of the Deal Sisters. Kim and Kelly acted as an inspiration for young girls all over the world, proving that women could be successful in a world full of boy bands.  Touring with Nirvana multiple times, The Breeders released some of the most critically acclaimed songs of the decade. 


Now, 30 years after the release of Last Splash, one of their most popular records, the group has come out with their newest edition, which includes remastered versions of the original songs, as well as 2 previously unreleased archival songs. There’s a reason why this genre will always be good: it’s nostalgic, exciting, and brings a fun energy to live performance. Most recently, The Breeders have been touring with young pop artist, Olivia Rodrigo on her sold-out “GUTS” tour, where they’ve been playing huge venues like Madison Square Garden. Their familiar harmonies and versatile mix of styles keeps the audience on their toes, seamlessly transitioning from songs that make you want to jump around, then sway your arms back and forth. It’s safe to say the 90’s are back, and The Breeders are leading the scene. 


Tre Burt Press Photo.pngTré Burt

Based in California, singer songwriter Tré Burt is redefining the way we view folk music with his introspective lyrics that delve into themes of love, loss, and the human experience. Prior to being in the music industry, Tré worked a series of blue-collar jobs ranging from maintenance technician to UPS worker, which has undoubtedly shaped the way he shares stories. With elements of Bob Dylan and John Prine woven throughout, Burt’s ability to express feelings on real-life issues in a poetic and reflective manner is next to none.


In 2019, Tré caught the attention of the legendary John Prine, and was signed to his label, Oh Boy Records, which happened to be one of their first signings in 15 years. The label re-released Burt’s previously independent work, Caught It from the Rye in 2020. In 2023, Traffic Fiction was released, Burt’s 3rd record with Oh Boy, a genre-bending look into his updated approach on storytelling. This record is an evolution from his folk sound from previous records, honing in on a new mixture of soul and rock. Tré’s music almost acts as a continuation of Prine’s spirit and legacy, sharing his same ability to speak from the soul.