Good shoes, sunscreen, earplugs, reusable water bottle? It's important to strategize!

Good shoes? Check

Sunscreen? Check

Earplugs? Check

Comfy clothing? Check

Reusable water bottle? Check


It’s important to strategize for your best fest experience! Take it from the pros at Rolling Stone Magazine who’ve outlined some great tips for festing.

Wear earplugs.

An arguably rare but very important tip. A little protection goes a long way in keeping your eardrums from being blown out when you’re lost in the moment.

Be present.

Snap pics before the set with your friends. That way, you can immerse yourself in your favorite artist’s music, connect with the people around you, and dance and laugh all at the same time. Your future self, reflecting on that festival of a lifetime, will thank you.

Check the bag policy before you go.

Every festival is different, so check before you go. Small clear bags like a fanny pack or clutch are usually a safe bet to a) carry your essentials and b) get you (and everyone behind you) through security quickly.

Bring a portable phone charger.

The anxiety of being at 2% is too real. While most festivals have designated charging stations, they’ll probably be the second most popular attraction of the event, just behind the headliners. So be ready, be your own hero, and bring your own battery.

Have a designated meet-up time and spot with your friends.

Remember that dying battery? Well, this is a perfect plan B. In case you lose each other for one reason or another, having a go-to check-in spot at a certain time throughout the day or at the end of the night will help you reconnect.

Bring your water bottle and stay hydrated.

Another crucial tip and one that can literally save the day. You’re dancing and having a blast outdoors, not having enough water will zap that festival energy FAST. Most festivals allow reusable plastic water bottles (think Nalgene or Hydro Flask) so make a beeline to the free water refill stations and keep hydrating!  

What are some of your best fest tips?