Trampled By Turtles
The Backyard Stage at the St. Augustine Amphitheatre

Trampled By Turtles

with special guests Crowe Boys

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A portion of proceeds from this event will benefit The Sea Turtle Hospital at Whitney Laboratory.

TIP: Avoid ticket fees by purchasing tickets in person! The St. Augustine Amphitheatre Box Office is now open Thursdays and Fridays, 10am – 6pm and Saturdays 8:30am – 12:30pm and accepts credit and debit card payments only.


The Backyard Stage at The Amp


Introduced as a secondary performance space in 2016, The Backyard Stage gives fans an up close and personal experience with their favorite acts. Backyard shows are general admission, standing room only, and always a good time! 

The Backyard Stage is easily accessed by entering The Amp and heading around back of the main stage. On-site parking is available in the main parking lot of The Amp. Concessions are available during shows with full bar and various local food trucks.

In 2018, with the assistance of the Friends of the St. Augustine Amphitheatre, the Backyard Stage received a new roof and stage improvements, further enhancing this very unique performance space. Concert events in the Backyard are proudly presented by Intuition Ale Works.

The Sea Turtle Hospital at Whitney Laboratory


The Sea Turtle Hospital opened in October 2015 to provide rehabilitation, education and research for sea turtle conservation in Northeast Florida. The hospital rehabilitates sick and injured sea turtles, and, once healthy and cleared by the veterinarian, releases them back to their habitat. This year the hospital has seen an exponential increase in patients far surpassing the annual average.   

• Rehabilitation - Sea turtles strand on Florida’s beaches for a variety of reasons including boat strike injuries, cold-stunning, hook and line ingestion, marine debris entanglement, tumors relating to disease, and other illnesses. Once healthy, sea turtle patients are released back to the wild. 

• Research - Our scientists and researchers are furthering the understanding of Fibropapillomatosis (FP). FP is a global disease epizootic (animal epidemic) that is hampering sea turtle conservation efforts. The disease affects all species of sea turtles, but particularly endangered green sea turtles, and causes tumor growth. External tumors can impair vision and movement, while internal tumors are deadly. 

• Education - From outreach programs to community lectures and workshops to behind-the-scenes tours, the Sea Turtle Hospital at Whitney Lab provides the opportunity for everyone to learn about the work we are doing, and how you can help make a difference for sea turtles.   

You can join us to support the Sea Turtle Hospital by making a gift or sponsoring the care of one of our current hospital patients! We value and rely on community support, so each donation is greatly appreciated. 


Whitney Laboratory for Marine Bioscience 

Celebrating Five Decades of Discovery! 1974-2024 

Whitney Laboratory is a biomedical marine research institute of the University of Florida. It is composed of 11 faculty-led laboratories that use marine organisms for basic biological research that can be applied to human health, understanding of local natural resources, and insight into our dynamic local environment. Whitney Laboratory provides training for future experimental scientists, education programs for kindergarten through university-level students, and monthly lectures for the general public to bring lifelong learning to the community. Whitney Laboratory also features a Sea Turtle Hospital, which promotes ocean awareness and conservation through sea turtle rehabilitation, research and education. Whitney Laboratory is located at 9505 Ocean Shore Blvd., St. Augustine, on the border of Flagler and St. Johns counties.  

For more information, visit or call 904-461-4000.