Charlie Robertson

Set to memorable arrangements framed with simple but bizarre chord voicings ... heartfelt and subtly inventive vocals, populated with characters whose stories are told by no other and like no other ... the songs of Charlie Robertson are one of a kind pieces that have been spread by word of mouth in whispers, shouts, and standing ovations in the darndest places across the eastern seaboard.

Closer to home, Charlie Robertson is revered in the Florida folk community as a true and timeless gem. To many of those who make up his audience, it’s a pilgrimage to attend one of his shows. He is a songwriter’s songwriter and has opened or shared bills with Townes Van Zandt, Jimmy Buffett, Michael Smith, Steve Martin, Tom Paxton, Odetta, Taj Mahal, Steve Goodman, Guy Clark, Waylon Jennings, Doc and Merle Watson, The Newgrass Revival, Roy Bookbinder, and was part of Gamble Rogers hand-picked traveling Florida Folk Revue named "Cassadaga Stories" which included Will McLean.

We share the same language, but Charlie Robertson hands it back to us in a way that we've never heard in stories of people we know but nobody else sings the praises of.... he is brilliant... exasperating... fascinating... challenging... the master of heartbreaking hilarity and uneasy listening music and well worth an afternoon of your life!