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This year, Sing Out Loud Festival will welcome an extraordinary lineup of performers that bridge genres, bend rules, and ignite musical passion.

This year, Sing Out Loud Festival will welcome an extraordinary lineup of performers that bridge genres, bend rules, and ignite musical passion. From Grammy-winning rock duos to innovative genre-fusing collectives, our festival stage will be graced by The Black Keys, Lord Huron, Yola, War Hippies, Mumford & Sons, Maggie Rogers, Elle King, Amos Lee, and S.G. Goodman. Each artist brings a unique sound, from soul-stirring blues to foot-stomping folk, ensuring that the festival resonates with the beats of diversity, creativity, and unity.

Here’s what you need to know about this sensational lineup…


  • The Black Keys: The Grammy-winning rock duo, The Black Keys, is known for their raw, bluesy sound, with hits like “Lonely Boy” and “Tighten Up” showcasing their masterful blend of classic blues and modern rock. Their high-energy performances and profound lyrical themes have made them a must-see at music festivals worldwide.
  • Lord Huron: An indie-folk band from Michigan, Lord Huron has captivated audiences with their dreamy, atmospheric tracks like “Ends of the Earth” and “The Night We Met,” which was prominently featured in the popular Netflix series “13 Reasons Why.” Their immersive soundscapes and intricate storytelling make their festival performances unforgettable.
  • Yola: Yola, a four-time Grammy-nominated British singer-songwriter, blends elements of country, soul, and pop to deliver powerful songs such as “Faraway Look” and “Ride Out in the Country.” Known for her emotionally charged performances and stellar vocal range, Yola is a sight to behold on the festival stage.
  • War Hippies: War Hippies bring an innovative fusion of psychedelic rock and reggae, with their breakout album “Out of the Shadows” establishing them as pioneers in their genre. Their energetic, soul-stirring live shows, replete with a blend of hypnotic rhythms and radiant melodies, make them a vibrant addition to any music festival lineup.


  • Mumford & Sons: Mumford & Sons, Grammy Award-winning folk-rock band, have been lauded for their earnest, banjo-laden anthems like “I Will Wait” and “The Cave,” from their acclaimed album “Sigh No More.” Their passionate, heartfelt performances filled with a mix of foot-stomping folk and soaring rock make them a high-demand act at festivals.
  • Maggie Rogers: A musical prodigy discovered by Pharrell Williams, Maggie Rogers uniquely combines folk, dance, and pop in her music, with standout tracks like “Alaska” and “Light On.” Her enchanting voice and innovative musical style are sure to mesmerize audiences at any music festival.
  • Elle King: Elle King’s raspy blues-rock vocals and honest songwriting earned her a Grammy nomination for her breakout single “Ex’s & Oh’s.” Her high-octane performances, loaded with sass, soul, and rock ‘n’ roll, make her a thrilling artist to catch at a music festival.
  • Amos Lee: Known for his soulful voice and introspective lyrics, Amos Lee effortlessly blends folk, rock, and soul, evident in tracks like “Sweet Pea” and “Arms of a Woman.” Lee’s stirring performances, offering a seamless blend of heartfelt lyricism and masterful guitar work, ensure a captivating experience for festival-goers.
  • S.G. Goodman: Emerging from Kentucky, S.G. Goodman’s distinct brand of alt-country, laden with Southern Gothic influences and social commentary, can be heard on tracks like “The Way I Talk.” Goodman’s raw, unfiltered performances, underpinned by her powerful vocals and piercing lyrics, make her a compelling act to see at a music festival.

Let Downtown St. Augustine’s historic charm be the backdrop to your unforgettable musical journey. Be part of the epic Sing Out Loud Festival — where the city’s rich history meets today’s vibrant music scene.