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Celebrating 25 years together, Hot Water Music will perform the iconic albums No Division and Caution in full during their Sing Out Loud performance.

Hot Water Music. Those three words describe more than just a band at this point, they describe a way of life. Since forming in Florida in 1994, the act have constantly reinvented themselves by combining elements of punk rock and post-hardcore over the course of eight full-lengths, countless vinyl releases and energetic live shows. However instead of taking a victory lap in celebration of their current 25th anniversary tour – which sees them playing their celebrated 1999 fan-favorite No Division and 2002 commercial breakthrough Caution in their entirety – the group marked the occasion by recording five new songs for the Shake Up The Shadows EP, which sees the band – guitarist/vocalists Chuck Ragan and Chris Wollard, bassist Jason Black and drummer George Rebelo – crafting some of the most impassioned music of their career.

Few bands in contemporary underground rock have had the kind of impact that Gainesville’s Hot Water Music has. Their gritty, melodic aesthetic and legendarily incessant touring have earned them a deeply devoted fan base and inspired a generation of bands as impressed with their ethos as their sound. At their visit to the Sing Out Loud Festival, they’ll be celebrating their 25th anniversary.

Though the band’s members are spread across the country these days and their tour dates are a bit less frequent, they are hardly running on fumes or resting on their laurels. After some long-distance idea-swapping, they recently convened in Gainesville to record this year’s Shake Up the Shadows, as energetic a set of songs as any in their career. 

For this anniversary tour, the band has been performing two of their classic records, 1999’s  No Division and 2002’s Caution in full, highlighting pivotal moments in their career. “We had not played a lot of songs off (No Division) very often, and some songs we’d never played (outside of the studio), so that’s been kind of cool,” says bassist Jason Black. The experience of revisiting some neglected corners of their catalog while writing new music has been invigorating. “There’s a lot of songs I’d like to see the light of day,” says Black, adding, “Having new songs is always refreshing.”

Meanwhile, die-hards know what to expect from Hot Water Music—you can always count on seeing their logo tattooed on a significant cross section of the audience—and newcomers can expect to be met with a lot of passion and a lot of energy from a band who have made it their trademark. “The fact that it’s been 25 years and people still care besides us is cool,” says Black, “and we definitely don’t take it for granted.”

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  • From: Sep 14, 2019   09:00 PM
  • To: Sep 14, 2019 10:30 PM
  • Location: The St. Augustine Amphitheatre

    1340C A1A South
    St. Augustine, Florida, 32080

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