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Folk is People is a Jacksonville-based indie folk band led by singer-songwriter, Stacey Bennett. Their music is eloquently crafted into a melodic blend of stringed and percussive instruments backed by Bennett’s driving voice. Each song is a story meticulously written into verse and chorus.

Folk is People came to life in 2012 as a folk duo with members, Stacey Bennett and Rick Grice. After releasing an EP and touring, the pair took on other endeavors and the project was halted with no revival date in sight. Bennett resurrected the project in 2015 after becoming what she describes as “incessantly mundane” and enlisted Grice to engineer and produce the new album. Folk is People’s first full-length album, The Devil Always Comes, was released October 25, 2016. The record sounds like indie rock married a folk song and started a pop band. It is a conceptual piece depicting the inner dissonance experienced when we reflect on and attempt to reconcile misdeeds in the present pursuit of virtue.

Folk is People’s eclectic music video for “Bury Me in Virginia” premiered in September exclusively on Homoground and their video for “Crocodile” is being released in May.

Folk is People recently returned home from SxSW after playing RedGorilla showcases and is preparing for a summer tour spanning the east coast in support of their new album, The Devil Always Comes. Download it here!

“Folk Is People is singer/songwriter Stacey Bennett’s full-time gig, and she’s killing it. On her new album, The Devil Always Comes, there’s a raw clarity in her voice, with a bit of a yodel here and a growl there, that carries over some pristine indie folk pop. It’s loud, jangly, hopeful music, even when it’s sad and angry.” -Meeghan Kane, Auntie Bellum Magazine

“I almost don’t know what to do with Folk is People other than to just enjoy the music. The whole damn thing is just so good I can’t really put it into words. The vocal is clear and captivating, the melody reminds me of a sort of timeless rock sound, yet the composition feels really fresh. The production is great, the lyrics are ponderously complex, and the entire production reminds me something my especially trendy friends would listen to at the coffeeshop.” -Ear to the Ground

“catchy, and thorny, full of propulsive, breakneck folk songs played with a propulsive buzz, imbued with Bennett’s powerful voice.” -Nick McGregor, Folio Weekly

Genre: Folk/ Indie


When & Where

  • From: Sep 15, 2019   07:45 PM
  • To: Sep 15, 2019 08:45 PM
  • Location: Colonial Oak

    33 St. George Street
    St. Augustine, Florida, 32084

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